Rental Requirements

  • Two-years of verifiable rental history.
    What does this mean? Applicants Must have a third-party landlord that is not related to
    you. If you are related, must have a lease in place with an invoice book of receipts or
    payments made monthly online such as PayPal. In other words, a paper trail. In some
    cases, an additional security deposit may be required.

  • No evictions of record in the last two years.

  • Two-year background history. A criminal offense doesn’t automatically disqualify you.

  • Credit Check preferred in the mid-500 range of credit.

  • Income Verification. Paystubs, new hire letter on company letterhead with phone
    number to human resource individual, SSI statement letter, etc. Gross monthly income
    must be three times the monthly rent. Most of the properties managed by Applewood
    Estates, INC. – the tenant is responsible for all utilities.

  • Applicant doesn’t meet the qualifications? Co-signers may be accepted but must meet
    the same standards required for a tenant. Both parties will need to apply.

  • NO Pet Policy on all our properties.


  • Service Animals or Emotional Support Animal: We carefully inspect all documentation
    regarding these animals since any document can be ordered online. Documents required are:
    A) documentation from licensed veterinarian that all inoculations are up to date.
    B) Letter from medical doctor stating that the animal is intended for the disability specified for the tenant. We are not asking for what the disability is, just verifying that the animal is
    legitimately assigned to the applicant. 
  • C) All documentation must have phone numbers for our office to verify all paperwork.
    D) Tenants with such animals will have scheduled monthly inspections to ensure animals are crated or leashed properly, that behavior of animal Is consistent with property rules and
    regulations, i.e. no reports or complaints of aggressiveness, tenant not cleaning up after
    animal relieving itself outside or inside premises, excessive, loud barking or other animal
    noise, and damages. Upon findings of any animal damages inside or outside the property,
    the maintenance will be addressed by contractor or maintenance person. The invoice for
    the repair will be immediately paid by the tenant and not tallied up for the end of the lease
    and subtracted from the security deposit. The security deposit will remain in full amount
    through the entire tenancy of approved applicant.
    These requirements are established for all tenants, so they will be good neighbors and
    everyone involved will enjoy their home under management of Applewood Estates, Inc.